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Yes - Paso Finos are used in competitive Endurance Rides.  Yes - they can do a terrific job at it! 
On this page we share articles and news about Paso Fino horses and their riders having a great time meeting the challenges on the trail.  These hardy horses take care of themselves and their riders, and do it with the added benefit of their smooth Corto and Largo gaits. 

ENDURANCE NEWS - Royal Prancer, owned by Michelle Pimentel of Ceres, California was named 2008 High Point Paso Fino in the North American Trail Ride Conference.  Michelle was presented with a beautiful High Point Plaque from the Paso Fino Horse Association at the NATRC's National Convention and Awards Banquet held in Denver Colorado, February 16, 2008.

Hooked on Paso Finos
Meet Endurance Rider Karla Watson

I grew up in the Hunter/Jumper world riding very seriously in the A & B show circuits. Itís all I did thru middle and high school. I lived and breathed horses and show jumping. I also trained a lot of young horses and had quite a few students by the time I was in my first year of college. Mom and Dad cut the cord and told me to give up the horses even though it was what I wanted to do with my career and life.

Sadly, I had no horses for 16 years, started a career, got married and had twin girls. Six years ago I finally got back into horses - never to leave it again. I got into endurance riding with my girls and we all had Arabians. We rode endurance rides for about 5 seasons and were awarded "Top Family of the Year" for the Northwest endurance region in 2005.

After one amazing ride on one of Paul Latiolais's Paso Finos, one of my daughters was "hooked" and wanted a Paso for her own. My daughter's new Paso did very well in endurance and got many Best Condition Awards and was awarded some Top Junior Year End Awards. She beat out quite a few Arabians!

A year after that it didn't take me too long to realize that these little Paso Finos were more fun to ride than the Arabs I was competing with. So I sold my endurance Arab and bought 2 Paso Finos!

This last year we took a year off from endurance racing to ride our Pasos at many horse camps around the region. This season I plan on competing in endurance again to see how my new horses do in this sport.

Thank you, Karla, for sharing your family's Paso Fino Endurance Experience with Western States Paso Fino viewers!

Paso Fino Writes New Chapter in Tevis Cup Ride History

Sacramento, California - July 29, 2007    History was made at 4:43 this morning when Melissa Margetts rode her Paso Fino "Cabo" across the finish line of the 100 Miles in 24 Hours Tevis Cup endurance ride.  As they made their victory lap in the Auburn Fairgrounds Stadium, the announcer was heard to exclaim, "Look at him move!  Hey, isn't that a Paso Fino?" 

Yes, it was.  This pair had finished what some consider the world's most challenging endurance ride in less than 24 hours, passed the final vet check and were now thrilling their fans, supporters and the photographers with a flashy Largo around the stadium.  Cabo is the first Paso Fino to complete the Tevis ride and cross the finish line as "fit to continue" in the 52-year history of the ride.  183 horses started, 95 completed and were judged fit to continue.

During every endurance ride, veterinarians examine each horse at predetermined "vet check" locations and measure their capillary refill rate, heart rate and recovery, muscle tone, hydration and respiration, look for signs of lameness and evaluate the horse's attitude.  At each of the 17 vet checks and stops, Cabo's list of supporters and fans continued to grow. 

Melissa and Cabo's accomplishments, photographs of the ride, and Melissa's Endurance Riding Tips, were featured in the PFHA's official publication Paso Fino Horse World.  CONGRATULATIONS TO MELISSA and CABO!

100 Miles in Less Than 24 Hours
Looking Ahead to Tevis Cup 2008

Paul Latiolias and his Paso Fino, Lucero, have been participating in endurance rides for six years and have set a goal to ride in the oldest and one of the most challenging rides offered in the U.S. - the Western States 100 Mile Ride.  The route follows an old trail over the Sierra Mountains between Lake Tahoe, Nevada and Sacramento Valley, California.  Many endurance riders, including Paul, dream of someday competing in and finishing this challenging ride.

This man and his Paso Fino are not new to endurance riding, but they recently joined the elite members of a short list of Paso Finos that have completed 100 miles in 24 hours or less.  In 2007, Paul and Lucero participated in the 100-Mile Mount Adams endurance ride.  As the sun was coming up and the day becoming lighter and lighter, Paul & Lucero completed the ride in less than 24 hours.

Paul and Lucero's accomplishments and experiences and photographs of the Mount Adams Ride, were featured in the PFHA's official publication Paso Fino Horse World.  CONGRATULATIONS TO PAUL and LUCERO!

We welcome stories and photographs about Paso Fino horses used in Endurance Rides. 
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