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Provided as a handy reference, HorseTrip.com lists horse-friendly facilities ranging from fairgrounds and rodeo arenas to hotels and "Bring Your Horse" bed and breakfasts.  Not associated with Western States Paso Finos.


Welcome to the best place to learn about the versatile, smooth gaited Paso Fino horse.  Western States Paso Finos is dedicated to providing resources to help you and your horse become the best you can be.  Although we are passionate about Paso Finos, we invite fans of all breeds to browse through our pages and hope you find our site fun and informative.  The Welcome mat is always out!  Please make yourself at home.

Paso Fino Testimonial  "There are many reasons that a Paso gets under your skin and into your heart; but it always comes down to one most enduring trait - their naturally genetic gait. Creating for the rider the smoothest, most comfortable, mile after mile, no bounce ride of any horse you have ever encountered!"  Barbara, Oregon

Luxury on Horseback  Today's Paso Fino horses are valued for traits that have been the legacy of the breed for more than 500 years.  Their Spanish heritage began in Latin America with the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadors.  Paso Finos have a natural, smooth four-beat lateral gait and an elegant and proud carriage.  On the trail, in the show ring, or in the breeding barn we believe you will find the Paso Fino horse fascinating, unique and irresistible.

Maybe your perfect Paso Fino awaits you in the Horses for Sale or Stallion Services.  Our Calendar of Events lists upcoming horsemanship and training clinics, trail rides, shows and other activities.  Trail Reports share some of our favorite places to ride. 

Check out our Endurance page - dedicated to Paso Fino endurance horses and their riders.  Did you know that at 4:43 a.m., July 29, 2007 Melissa Margetts rode her Paso Fino horse "Cabo" across the finish line of the 100-Mile Western States Endurance Ride (also known as the Tevis Cup Ride).  Cabo is the first Paso Fino in the Tevis' 52 year history to have completed this extremely challenging endurance ride and be evaluated as "Fit to Continue"!  CONGRATULATIONS to Melissa and Cabo!!!


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